The Martyrs

Search for Baldor

Players reached Delnik and begin to ask around for Baldor. Upon entering the bar to meet Grim’s friend Samm, they sensed both the bartender and two large warriors notice them. After approaching both groups and finding them distrustful/hostil towards bounty-hunters, the party headed out to search Baldor’s house. Finding it ransacked, they were able to find a yet-to-be-discovered partial map to a location.

After returning to the inn in order to review the finding, they were sent a notice (via a dagger in the door) to meet outside of town. An encounter there with the bartender and two warriors resulted in the Martyrs having tied up the warriors and subduing the bartender. The remaining part of the map was discovered, and the Martyrs were essentially able to win the support of the bartender (the warriors were unconscious during that discussion).

The map led to Baldor’s hideout, were it was learned after a brief encounter that Baldor has been infected with the werebear condition. A veteran of the Brood Wars, Baldor had begun looting caravans to make money. One such caravan was led by a mysterious stranger who ended up infecting Baldor. He told Baldor that for the sum of 3,500 gp, he would provide the cure. He would be stationed in Cam, and waiting. His name is Farga. So Baldor had stepped up his efforts robbing people in hopes of getting the 3,500 gp – resulting in the bounty on his head and the visit from the Martyrs. He explained that he was isolated from everyone in town, lest they learn his curse. Baldor promised the rights to his hideout to the Martyrs, and gave them weapons worth 3,500 gp if they would go to Cam and get the cure. However, if they took too long, he would assume they had simply robbed him, and seek revenge.

Returning to the bartender, the Martyrs made an alliance of sorts with the him (also a Brood War verteran), and learned that his name is Kipp. They then headed to Orman. The session ended with them just getting within sight of the city.



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