The Martyrs

Session 4: Entering Orman

As the Martyrs approached Orman, they were greeted by the the Azlanic Guard. Winifred, the leader of Orman, was requesting an introduction. The guardsmen greeted the Martyrs as such- news of the tower coming down had already reached Orman.

The Martyrs went and met with Winifred, who questioned them about the tower coming down, and for news of her imprisoned husband (a fellow martyr who died in the tower). She requested help solving the problem of boys going missing. As Grim had mentioned, a boy from town had vanished each week and people weren’t able to solve the problem.

Winifred’s personal attendant, (need name), indicated that her son Trystan was of that age group and described him to the Martyrs. They discovered him in the market and tracked him to a secret location in the woods. Tryston had just come upon his friend, dead on a stone alter, when the Martyrs arrived in the clearing. Frozen with shock, he was unresponsive. Kief, a boy sorcerer emerged from a cave surrounding the spring, riding a large forest drake, and attacked the Martyrs with two smaller forest drakes under his control. After rendering the boy unconscious, the Martyrs returned to Orman with the boy. Pierce met them and killed the now-docile large drake. It was determined that Kief needed to be killed for his treachery, and so he was burned at the stake. Apparently, Kief had been playing on the strong cultural pull to pass a rite of manhood – and was having boys attempt to kill drakes to become men younger than usual.

The Martyrs met with the captain of the Azlanic Guard, Avina who explained that the group is a druidic special forces detail, and that they answer only to themselves. They basically guard the western border, hoping to be a critical part of the defense against any head-on attacks by the Unum. Other than the captain in each town, the members keep their faces obscured and are anonymous. The captain explains that they use bird messengers to transmit messages. She is concerned with the news from Otlak, and asks the Martyrs to stop by there if possible to see what is afoot. Could be a battle brewing there.

The group also met Pierce, Winifred‘s son. He requested that he go with the group, as he was also heading in the direction of Otlak, and wouldn’t mind the extra protection. As they passed the edge of the Sheerock Mountains, the group noticed the faint smell of smoke. Investigating, they discovered Artek, surrounded by the slain bodies of Brood warriors, attempting to stabilize an unconscious Aaryn. He explained that he had come upon and ambush in the woods, and that Aaryn needed real medical attention. Artec volunteered to return to Orman with Grimm and off they went.

The next stop was Cam, a small tent city. Once a proud city in the west, the town had been overrun by Unum and a few loyalists had stayed together and set up camp- slowly moving east as the Unum encroached further and further. The town is very hostile to the idea of the Martyrs, viewing them as the root cause of the Banesmen’s weakened state when the Unum showed up. However, being so small a community, there had been no messengers yet to say that the tower was down. The group found (need name), the silver-haired man who had turned Baldor into a werebear. He is an information broker, and saw more value in the Martyrs owing him a favor than in the 3,000 gp they owed for the cure. After a brief conversation, it was obvious that he had excellent contacts and information -which could also benefit the Martyrs at some point.

With the cure in hand, the Martyrs returned to Baldor’s hideout. True to his word, he gave it to them, and promised that the location would remain a secret. Baldor left for Twisted Oaks, heading to pay his bounty and clear his name.

The party leveled up to Level 4.



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