The Martyrs

Session 5 - Bayir

Upon waking, Baldor woke us and informed the party that Pierce was asking for us in Delik. We hasten to Delik and discover that Pierce has been troubled by dreams that Bayir has been razed. This news hastens our departure for Bayir.

During our journey we surprise a Brood ambush party that appear to be finishing off what was once a small group of Banesmen. We surprise the Brood party, led by a two headed Ettin. After winning the battle, we meet Max, the Banesmen we rescued. He is on a mission to request assistance for Bayir which is threatened by a newly active and aggressive Brood.

Max takes off to complete his mission and the party continues to Bayir.

As we approach the outskirts of Bayir, Cliffy B. notices the town is unusually quiet. After a few steps, two trolls suddenly crash through the woods. We dispatch the trolls, however, not having burned them with fire, they regenerate. One troll jumps up, and after subduing him again, a banesmen rides from the town and uses flaming arrows to complete the trolls demise.

The Banesmen isFletchyr, a captain of the guard at Bayir. The town has experienced a lot of difficulty with patrols not coming back from the mountains. Warriors in the woods patrolling the area around Bayir have been attacked. Most of the warriors are out attempting to keep the Brood at bay, only Fletchyr is watching the town. He believes they are bypassing Bayir and his soldiers are searching for the route they are using.Fletchyr invites us to stay in the empty barracks to rest.

Women and children, as well as a skeleton crew of soldiers are all that occupy the town. The party avoids revealing their identity until Fletchyr reveals that they consider The Martyr’s heros. Cliffy B. reveals his identity and Fletcher is beside himself to meet him in person. The party decides to keep our identity a secret for the time being in order to avoid detection by The Brood that occupy the mountains just to the towns south. Fletcher himself seems to be an honest enough fellow. Fletchyr informs us that there is a civilian leader within Bayir as well that we may wish to meet.



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