Open Quests

Active Quests

I Thought He Was With You?!
*Artek has vanished and must be located
*UPDATE: Artek was found with Aaryn in the aftermath of a battle with Brood forces

A Pit In My Stomach
*Learn the fate of the Dread

It’s 1,800 an Ounce and Rising
*Speak with the Alchemist

A Little Bird Told Me
*Seek the Azlanic Guard in Otlak to see what is taking place there

Borders Can Be Tricky
*Find out what brought a Brood war party out of the Sheerok Mountains

Passive Quests

I Really Dig You Guys
*Bright has asked you to collect soil samples around major cities for her
*Samples collected: Delik, Orman

Completed Quests

Trouble in Orman
*Looks like Moss can add “Drake Rider” to his job experience

The Search for Baldor
*-Located Baldor-
*Located Farga in Cam. He gave the Martyrs the cure for free…sort of. Farga is an information broker, and expects the Martyrs to repay the favor someday when he needs them to.

If You Can Dodge a Wrench, You Can Dodge a Ball
*Win three battles in the Arena to earn enough gp for equipment

Open Quests

The Martyrs murphtronic